Yoram Gelman

Lines, Shadows and Light

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 4th, 2012 from 5-7 pm

Yoram Gelman - Boats and Bridge

To photograph is ‘to draw with light’.  I am attracted to the boundaries between dark and light  — simple lines and curves moving through and defining regions of space. From these I collect groups of curves and sometimes objects that convey something essential to me –about form and space and maybe more.

My photographs can also imply motion in time as well as space, suggesting something lying beyond the constriction of two-dimensional images.

Given my emphasis on curves, I find that color is distracting.  I prefer to work in black and white unless I sense that a particular setting requires color — in which case my palette tends to be very soft.

I often find an image to be more interesting than I thought when I first captured it — even before working on it.  My pleasure with the image multiplies as I discover what unconsciously attracted me to the scene.

While the path through my photographs is personal, I am moved by the examples and ideas of Picasso, Barthe and others, and of course many photographers. I hope I share my vision along with my pleasure.


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